March 09, 2010

hello and welcome

After much procrastinating and some trepidation, i have decided to enter the world of blogging. It seems I could use another outlet to wax poetic about my kitchen fantasies, palette pleasures and culinary explorations. I intend for this site to be mostly comprised of my own cooking experiences, though at times i may digress with stories of tasty adventures that come my way in the world at large. That being said, I will kick this off with one of these digressions, with a mention of the most delicious thing i have had the pleasure of eating outside my home as of late. That item is a marzipan stuffed fig dipped in dark chocolate.

It is just in this past year that I experienced a fig epiphany. I believe i have tasted them in the past, but for some unfortunate reason, I had, until this point, failed to recognize the delight they bestow. Since this rewarding discovery, I have eagerly indulged in every fig item that has come my way: fig port ice cream, Spanish fig bread, fig jam, fig vinagrette, plain ol' fresh figs and dried figs, and alas, the marzipan stuffed chocolate dipped fig. This treat was courtesy of a fantastic little patisserie here called Pix. Mainly they do French style pastries and chocolates, and they do them well. They also offer tasty savories and a lovely selection of beverages of all sorts. The happiest ending to this story of "girl meets fig", is that while i have every intention of planting my very own fig tree in my new giant yard, my wonderful new neighbors already have one that hangs over the fence. And while i wait for mine to mature and grow its own figgy gems, they have generously invited me to help myself to their plentiful supply when the season comes-yippee!!


  1. yay for figgy neighbors! we just planted ours today. he looks very handsome in his own protected corner of the future patio. i have been eyeing some spanish chocolate covered figs in the zingerman's catalog, but i'd rather be making my own. and filling them with marzipan? brilliant. so glad to get to eat with you from so far away!

  2. Don't forget fig jam and foie gras!